Hassenbrook AcademyFollowing on from a recent Health and Safety Audit , we are delighted to announce that  Hassenbrook Academy have been awarded the SafetyMARK Award of Excellence.  The Academy has been recognised by The National Safety Certification Scheme for Schools for having ‘excellent’ safety standards.  This award demonstrates high levels of safety compliance within the Academy  which the Academy should be commended for.

Hassenbrook Academy was noted to have a really positive attitude with regard to health and safety and it is clear to see that safety is taken extremely seriously and that it is very well managed. The staff have established a robust health and safety system and culture that is amongst the best in the country and we are delighted to recognise that fact with this prestigious award.

The auditor noted that it was extremely pleasing to find an Academy where Health and Safety had been introduced as part of its culture and is seen as being crucial to the functioning of the School.   The SafetyMARK scheme aims to provide guidance for schools and to recognise and reward those schools that have gone the extra mile to create a safe environment for staff, pupils, visitors and contractors. After a rigorous independent audit, the Academy was able to demonstrate that it has first class levels of safety management and compliance and, in doing so, achieved the SafetyMARK award for excellence.

Handsam Limited is very proud to be working alongside Hassenbrook Academy in assisting them in further improving their Health and Safety Compliance within their Academy.

All schools, and particularly stand-alone academies, have a duty to manage the school’s resources with due diligence. The board of directors of an academy are expected to ensure that staff managing large amounts of money are suitably qualified and experienced, and that suitable and sufficient checks and balances are in place to monitor this. Sometimes the link between policy and implementation breaks down, as it did recently in a spectacular fashion when an Academy in Poole was scammed out of a million pounds after falling for a simple email fraud.

The money, earmarked for improvements to the Academy site, was lost after the Academy replied with their bank details to a fraudulent email. The fraudsters quickly withdrew the money which formed part of a £9.8 million loan from the Government.

The National Crime Agency and the Metropolitan Police have joined the inquiry along with local police. It is believed that this fraud is part of organised criminal activity which has affected other institutions in the UK.

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The dangers of not checking for asbestos was again illustrated in a case heard by Bath Magistrates in March 2014. A building contractor exposed two of its employees to asbestos dust while working at a residential property in the city. The company allowed  workmen to demolish a basement ceiling without adequately checking for the presence of asbestos and sent the pair to work on other jobs without decontaminating their clothes when working at the property.

The two employees carried out the job using hand tools and pulled parts of the ceiling – made of asbestos insulation board – down by hand. When it was identified that the ceiling may contain asbestos, the employer sent the workers off to do other jobs without decontaminating their clothes or tools. It was later found the ceiling did contain asbestos.

HSE’s investigation found the contractors failed to make suitable and sufficient assessment for the presence of asbestos before work started and failed to prevent its spread.

The company was found guilty and fined a total of £5,000 and ordered to pay costs of £637.

An HSE Inspector said after the hearing:

“The long-term effects of exposure to asbestos materials is the single greatest cause of work-related deaths in the UK and the exposure of these two workers to this dangerous substance was entirely preventable. A full survey of the area should have been carried out before work started and suitable plans put in place to deal with it.

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If you are an existing customer of Handsam, further information about working on asbestos can be found within the Asbestos category on the Handsam Health and Safety system.