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Electric gates can be found in a variety of settings and the benefits are numerous. For example within a educational setting they can aid with vehicle/pedestrian segregation, safeguarding and security issues. However, three reports from the Health and Safety Executive highlights the potential dangers of electric gates.

The first report highlights the case of a six year old boy with autism and learning difficulties who lost the tips of three fingers when his hand was trapped in a school gate. Parts of his fingers were recovered and hospital staff managed to reattach two of them, but he now has reduced use of his hand and amputation injuries. This case resulted in severe injury and trauma to the young boy as well as the Local Authority receiving a £20,000 fine and almost £4,000 in prosecution costs.

The second report concerns a five year old girl who unfortunately lost her life when she became trapped between an electric gate and a post whilst playing near them as a car passed through. In addition to the tragic loss of life the company responsible for the maintenance of the electric gate incurred almost £100,00 of fines and costs.

The third report details an incident which almost resulted in an eight year old boy losing his life when his head became trapped in an electric gate at a primary school. Luckily his father was able to force the gate open and pull him out before he suffered serious injury. Thankfully this incident did not result in any long term harm to the young boy. However, the company responsible for the maintenance of the electric gate incurred almost £4,000 of fines and costs.

All of these Accidents could easily have been avoided had the correct procedures been adhered to. Aside from the Humane and Moral considerations, there is also specific Legislation which must be complied with. For a complete explanation of your legal duties with regards to electric gates please contact Handsam Ltd by calling 0844 335 1737 or via info@handsam.co.uk.

A school bus filled with pupils from a school in London, had to divert to a local police station when the driver heard noises coming from underneath the coach.

The driver drove the coach directly to the Police Station, where a 16-year-old from Sudan was found “attached to the chassis”.  It is believed he sneaked under the bus in Calais and managed to hold on for over a hundred miles.

A spokesman for the Met Police stated: “Shortly before 7.15pm on Friday, June 27, a coach driver attended Ilford Police Station reporting that noises coming from underneath the vehicle were suspected to be from an hidden stowaway. Officers searched the underneath of the coach and found a man attached to the chassis. He was arrested on suspicion of illegal entry into the UK and taken into custody at the station. The arrested man informed police he was 16 years-old and from Sudan – Immigration authorities have been informed.”

For impartial advice on this and other health and safety matters within schools and academies please sign up to Handsam Ltd by calling 0844 335 1737 or via info@handsam.co.uk