Defibrillators save lives. They can keep a patient alive for vital minutes while the emergency services arrive.

Three schools in Manchester have worked together to provide defibrillators to ensure the safety of students and staff who may have known or as yet undiagnosed heart conditions.

This all came about through Pamela Statham and her daughters Jessica and Frankie, who all have Long QT syndrome; a rare but serious heart condition that can disrupt heart rhythm.

Pamela and her daughters, as well as three other members of their family, were diagnosed with the disorder after her 10-month-old son Jamie, who Pamela suspects also suffered from Long QT, died in his sleep in 2007.

Their sad story led to 12-year-old Jessica’s school Buile Hill College, her former school Light Oaks Junior and Frankie’s school St Johns’ Primary getting the defibrillators as well as first-aid training for staff and pupils. Continue reading

Wellbeing Officers could be appointed in state schools to improve the health of pupils and teachers according to a new report. 

Healthcare organisation Nuffield Health has said that dedicated ongoing support from the proposed specialist officers would help tackle problems such as rising levels of obesity and poor emotional wellbeing.

Nuffield is launching a pilot project in a UK secondary school, which will include a bespoke health and wellbeing programme to meet the needs of the local area.  

Nuffield also says that there is a clear need for a wellbeing initiative to focus not only on the physical aspect, but also emotional factors, citing research provided by 2020health indicating that 75% of school children with mental illness go undiagnosed.
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With the Met Office predicting storms and gales, it is incumbent on property owners to ensure their properties are sound and will not hurt anyone. Typically schools worry about snowy conditions, but winds can also cause major harm, especially if loose fixtures and fittings become detached.

A terrible and tragic warning to all property owners was sounded by the events in Blackpool yesterday which saw one woman killed:

Handsam recommends asking site teams to ensure the safety of your school’s buildings and closing off areas which you consider to be high risk.