Handsam are proud to announce that there is only one more week until 6 new e-training courses will be available at the end of September. These courses will be made available for existing clients who have purchased e-training centre already as well as being available to all new clients.

The new courses are:

• Safe Trip Planning
• Adventurous activities and overseas trips
• Safeguarding
• Data protection
• Flexible working
• Managing Contractors

See the full list of courses at http://www.etrainingcentre.org/

Please contact Handsam Ltd by calling 0844 335 1737 or via info@handsam.co.uk to sign up to the Handsam e-training centre today and take full advantage of these upcoming courses as well as all of the courses that are already accessible.

South Africa FlagVisitors to South Africa are in for a nasty surprise from 1st October 2014 as new rules come into force at the point of entry which are designed to stop child trafficking and abduction.

Simply put, anyone entering the country with children will be required to produce a full birth certificate for each child as evidence of legal parentage.

In cases where neither parent is present – such as school trips – further paperwork will be required. Once again, Guardians/Trip Leaders will need to produce birth certificates and affidavits from the parents of all children. However in addition the guardian must present passports from both parents.  

Additionally, the affidavit must give permission for the child to travel internationally with a specific reference to them travelling to South Africa.

This could present major issues if your paperwork is not correct and fulsome.

For more details please click here: http://www.expatriatehealthcare.com/News/Changes_to_Travel_Rules_for_Families_Visiting_South_Africa999/

If you need any further assistance then please do contact us at Handsam on 0844 335 737 or info@handsam.co.uk.

After the Summer Break we return to our regular H&S myths monthly feature which will help debunk some of the more common health & safety myths within the education sector.

The Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 has in over 40 years saved countless lives and prevented innumerable injuries. As these myths demonstrate, it is open to misinterpretation.

Myth 1 > Are Primary schools not allowed ladders?
HSE panel’s decision > “There is nothing in health and safety law that prevents primary schools from using step ladders in classrooms. A properly designed stepstool or stepladder is often going to be the sensible and practical option for carrying out tasks that involve working at height for a short time – and schools are no exception. It’s certainly a safer option than standing on a chair!

Myth 2 > Junior school bans children bringing in a snack of fruit or rice cakes
HSE panel’s decision > “Whilst schools need to have procedures in place for managing pupils with food allergies, they should not misquote ‘health and safety’ as a reason for justifying a disproportionate ban on all snacks. Various guidance by other organisations than HSE make it clear that schools need to have a policy and an action plan in place to manage the risk of allergic reactions. A complete banning of all snacks seems a thoroughly disproportionate response which goes against some of the stated principles in the guidance of helping food allergic pupils to learn to take responsibility for their own allergy – an important life skill given that the world cannot be made nut/allergen-free!”

Myth 3 > School not allowed to heat up pupil’s home prepared lunch
HSE panel’s decision > ”This is a straightforward food safety issue and clear, simple, advice on precautions for reheating PDF link to external website food is readily available from the Food Standards Agency. There is no health and safety law that prevents a school heating food that a parent has provided for a child with special needs and the Food Standards Agency website www.food.gov.uk link to external website provides clear and simple guidelines on how to reheat food which anyone can follow”

Please contact Handsam Ltd by calling 0844 335 1737 or via info@handsam.co.uk for advice and clarification on your statutory responsibilities as stipulated within the Health and Safety at Work Act etc. 1974.

More information on these and other Health & Safety myths can be found at www.hse.gov.uk/myth.